I hear the world through an old radio’s sound of static and air, skewed and muffled, even with assistance of hearing aids. Effectively, a single hair’s movement or a swallow interrupts every sound I hear. This deficiency in turn provokes hypersensitivity; I am sensitive to light, sensitive to color, and sensitive to balance: dictated by the labyrinth of my inner ear. These delicate acuities translate into my exploration of paint in abstract compositions, which are taking the direction of sophisticated color palates with vigorous and calculated brush strokes depicting the landscape behind one’s eyes and between one’s ears. My craving for clean sound is the driving force into my modern, nonfigurative paintings; I strive to evoke curiosity and splendor while creating an image of contemporary style and grace.

Drawn to the luxurious world of haute couture, I left my home at age 18 in Tucson, Arizona and moved to New York City pursuing a BFA from Parsons the New School for Design. After completing my degree, I spent time cultivating my own identity as an artist: traveling Europe studying art, working for a couture fashion house--Marchesa, designing for St. John--a luxury knitwear company, and painting a mural conceptually based on trade, trust, and exchange for the Economic Science Institute lead by Nobel Laureate Vernon Smith. Now, armed with a background in fashion design, fabric engineering, and bespoke tailoring, I am inspired to move forward not with colored threads but with pigments.

My decision to simultaneously create two different bodies of work while maintaining a thread of refined taste is explained by my Wild West and City Chic influences. Devoid of my abstract imagery, and derived from my Arizona roots, my paintings of horses are striving to portray each animal’s individual personality and their anthropomorphic feelings. The alliance between human beings and horses has evolved through war, labor, and sport, and I venture to build that connection between the viewer and the animal in each painting. Symbolically, the poised animal represents freedom, power, wealth, and sexual prowess--concepts most people are drawn to: a paradigm of success, not only in developed societies, but throughout human civilization.

Continuing my quest for success I am on a journey, always refining my work. I currently reside in Orange County, CA, and spend my time creating works of elegant art.

- Omri Escalante

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